Horn Teacher

Haley Hoops has been teaching the horn since she was a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Youth orchestra conductors sought her out to coach high school students on the weekends. From there, she started being asked for tips from some of her college friends, to teaching friends' children studying the horn, to eventually starting her own private studio in Dallas where she now teaches people of all ages. After teaching a master class at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in 2000, she was asked her to join him teaching the horn students the next fall. Since that time, the SMU horn studio has grown to be one of the most reputable horn studios in the United States. Ms. Hoops' reputation as a teacher has grown nationally and she is being sought out not only as a private tutor but as a guest clinician at high schools, universities and at horn workshops and conferences.

By deciphering the idiosyncratic strengths and weaknesses in each student, she is able to tailor uniquely designed programs that help them to organize their practicing, find the right tools and books for advancement, and most importantly, empower them with confidence to blossom and develop self-expression and their own voice.


Students' Testimonials

Haley was the low horn specialist at SMU,” Ms. Wolber elaborates. “My low register was horrendous, so my main professor set up extra lessons for me with Haley. If it weren’t for her, I don’t think I ever would have improved enough to even get into graduate schools, much less win a job!
— Katie Wolber, Dallas Opera, Principal Horn
Haley has pushed me quite far in my musical journey and has never let me settle for less than greatness. She taught me so much about how to play with a good sound, clear articulation, good intonation, and sensitivity in the low register of the horn. I will never forget the tricks and tips she taught me in our lessons at SMU, and her dedication to help me succeed is only one of the countless characteristics that makes Haley Hoops a wonderful human being and an incredible horn player.
— Daniel Hawkins, San Francisco Symphony, Assistant Principal Horn
Haley is a fantastic teacher and role model for me.  She knows how to bring out the best in myself and my playing and never lets me settle for less than what I am capable of.  Early on she realized the potential I had and pushed me to work hard to reach that potential.  Without a doubt I would not be the horn player and person I am now without her inspiration and guidance
— Drew Mangus, West Point Band, 2nd Horn Player
Haley Hoops was a very valuable resource for me during my graduate study at SMU. She was very helpful and patient with me, especially in improving some struggle areas I had coming into school such as low register, sound, and musicality/style. I consistently left lessons with her feeling much more detail-oriented, confident, and with a fresh, creative perspective musically on whatever I brought in. As an artist she is clearly both very hard working and a sensitive musician, and she does a fantastic job instilling those qualities in her students!
— Garret Law, Omaha Symphony, Fourth Horn Player